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The CA Statement of Information form lists a company’s owners/officers, business address(es), and business description. A corporation/LLC must file a Statement of Information within 90 days of their Articles of Incorporation/Organization to conduct business in the state of California.

It is a requirement for all California based LLCs and Corporations to file a CA Statement of Information.

Domestic and Foreign California Corporations are required to file or cause to be filed a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State within 90 days of filing its original Articles of Incorporation or Application of Registration and annually thereafter during the applicable filing period. The application filing period for a corporation is the calendar month during which its original Articles of Incorporation or Application of Registration were filed and then immediately preceding five calendar months. A Corporation is required to file their Statement of Information even though it may not be actively engaged in business at the time their statement is due. Changes to the Statement of Information which was previously filed can be made by filing a new Statement of Information and completed in its entirety.

The CA Statement of Information form is also required to be updated when a change has been made to the mailing or physical address, or other contact information such as the phone number or email address.

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